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explore weddings with Autumn

I began wedding photography years ago in the time of film.

With my trusty Nikon FA1 and a bag of black and white film, I would shoot my best friends' weddings in what was then a new style called "photojournalistic."

I called it ♥  emotion photography ♥

I shot emotionally because I adore my besties and I wanted them to have pictures that really showed

the TRUE ♥ love explosion ♥ I witnessed on their big day.

I would have an album all ready and then at the crack of dawn the day after their wedding I would press my face against the door of the one-hour photo drug store waiting for them to open.

As soon as I handed my film to the person behind the counter, I would dance around—annoyingly, I'm sure—waiting for them to process my treasure. When the pictures were finally ready, I would sit down right there on the store floor and create my album.

Once it was ready—in a frenzy of excitement—I would deliver the album to my sleeping friend. My visit normally ended with

both of us in a pile of happy tears, as we relived their day.

The bliss that I receive from making others happy and allowing them to really truly see how beautiful their love together is,

inspires and motivates me

in a way that nothing else does. I will take care of you with the same love, care and excitement that fueled the start of my journey.

nothing makes me happier

than having the opportunity to

♥ capture true love ♥

at a celebration on your special day.