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You are getting married! I would love to be your wedding photographer. Here is what you need to know. Friend, I promise you I will capture your day with the diligence, love, professionalism, joy, integrity, support, and dedication that I would invest in capturing my own wedding.

pic-171With 10 years wedding experience there is not much I have not seen or encountered. My experience provides me with a solid photography foundation to ensure I am ready for anything and your pictures will be positively epic.  My technical skills are solid and my photography equipment is stellar. In addition, I bring something that is priceless in professional photography ~ I bring love, encouragement, passion, fun, and energy that will support and fuel your day. I am there for YOU. I will care for and attend to all your photography needs. From the little details to the glory of the sunset, you will LOVE your wedding pictures and you are your people will have had a blast taking them.

During your engagement pictures, we will connect, bond, and play. Your  pictures will rock and you will be excited and confident for wedding day photos. Our communication will be awesome, you will know exactly what to expect and mostly importantly you will trust me completely. Know that I will take care of you both emotionally and photographically. Your wedding day is important and I want you to have the lowest anxiety level possible knowing that everything will flow smoothly. Your day will be BEAUTIFUL and fun.

11206472_10206668389167686_4055549334205454490_oAfter the engagement session we will talk lots about the style of the day and some of the stuff you are planning. When your day comes the wedding day timeline will be in place and we will sail through the day enjoying every moment. Pictures will be taken, merriment will ensue and you will look AMAZING!

Then your pictures will be sorted, edited, and enhanced. Five weeks later you will get a downloadable gallery that you can share with all your people. In addition, I will send you a jump drive with your photos.

Let me show you how amazing your wedding photography experience can be.

Engagement Sessions for my amazing wedding clients are including in the wedding package.