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Time For Senior Photos!

Senior Pictures –
An amazing experience and at a great price!


{Hopefully you know a family looking for a photographer for a senior photo session.. Please share my name now or in the future! Also, I am patricianly passionate about photo loving on seniors with special needs. If you happen to know a family with an autistic senior or a family that may financially struggle to get senior photos taken, please send them to me.} 

For gawd sakes have you seen how much some photographers are charging for senior pictures?!? It reminds me of a time that a bride ordered a “birthday cake” for her wedding because the same cake was half the price if they said it was for a birthday instead of a wedding. Mark-up insanity! Senior pictures are momentous pictures. However, they are still simply pictures and marking the price up for this type of session is silliness.

I charge the same rate for senior photos that I do for any other session you would book with me on your life journey. And, as always, I will take the best photo care of you. You will LOVE the photos and the experience of having them taken.

Here is the thing about senior photos that is SOOOO IMPORTANT ~~ This is a HUGE time in your life! We take pictures to remember important times: to cherish moments, celebrate change and growth and chapters coming to a close and acknowledging new beginnings. I want our photo session to be FUN! It is wildly important to me that you remember not only this time in your life with immense joy, but that you remember the taking of your senior photos with an equal amount of merriment. When you look at your pictures years from now, hopefully they will trigger you to recall all the fun and amazingness in your life right now. I want your senior photos to be an anchor to document who you are in this fantastic moment!.

  • Your session will be fun. Promise.
  • We will take the photos you want and some traditional ones that grandma wants too.
  • You can change clothes as many times as you like.
  • You can choose the location or I can help you pick.
  • You get the digital images to use/share/print as you like.
  • AND I insist we do a family photo at the end of the shoot to mark this AMAZING time in your life. Senior photos AND your family gets an epic everyone pic! Best!

My normal senior photo rate is $425.00. Get your summer/fall date on the calendar before July 15th for $50.00 off.

Send us a message via the website!

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