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I read a quote on a photo blog the other day that said "Capture Moments Not Milestones". It spoke to me because in my business I try not to measure my success by milestones; how many likes on Facebook, how much money I made last year, or what current gear is in my camera bag. Instead, I try to stay grounded in moments with my clients; the celebration of doing what I love in a way that makes their lives better. That's my wish for you, for us, for our businesses. Let me capture this moment for you! In a way that shows the soul of your business, this labor of love, this investment of yourself in the work you bring to the world. This moment, not milestones.pic-6 copy

I am not going to boringly document your business in stale photos. I want to come sit with you, be with you, see what your true soul self is investing in and capture the way you are choosing to live life on the skinny branches of owning a small business. I want to take pictures that show your clients how you care about them and what you do.

When I take pictures of a small business, we bond, because I get it. I am living it too. I want you to get the pictures of EVERYTHING you need OR may need, but don't know you need it yet. Lots and lots of different types of head shots for all your social media needs and some for the magazine you are one day going to be in and some for the program of the lecture you are one day going to give. And your products and your people and your space and your stuff and your laugh! And photos for your website and your mailings and your Christmas cards.

This can all be done in two hours and it will feel like a self-expressed play date where we celebrate the business world you have created for yourself! The images will be edited and enhanced and provided to you to use however you like forever and ever.

And don't be overwhelmed! Sheila and I will help you, lots. We have done this before and we know how to make you look as wonderful as you are!

I get it!

$425.00 and up

2 hours