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photo sessions

for me,

♥ all types of sessions are life check-ins ♥
on the same connected journey.

I get it.

Photo shoots can be stressful.

When my daughter was a little baby, I wanted a family photo taken. I figured I only needed one photo…

just one good one.

And I was sure JC Penny’s could manage that. So off we went for our 15-minute time slot.

The short version of the long story is that it was stressful. Extremely stressful.

My daughter looks so petrified in the photos;

I am pretty sure her eyes could not open any wider, my husband looks annoyingly handsome as can be and I have sweat-rings in the pictures.

So there is that,


I don’t want that for you.

I want photo sessions to be like a well-dressed playdate where kids look forward to coming to see me. I want to give them a big hug to welcome them, make sure we have big giggles while we play, and give high fives for a job well done when we wrap it up.

Whether you’re coming for a mini-session or for a more extensive full-length shoot, let’s expect sunny skies, lots of belly laughs, your partner looking beautifully grecian in every photo and zero stressful sweat-rings at all costs.

And if by chance you get a zit the day before, your child attacks you in your sleep with a sharpie, or you spill coffee on your shirt while coming to the shoot…

I got you!
friend, I would NEVER let you look bad in a photo.


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