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Let’s take some headshots

Let’s take some headshots!!

— There is a lovely balance in head shots where we want you to look like your best professional, welcoming, relevant,profoundly intelligent, wildly socially connected, while not trying too hard, self. We want you to look mature, but not too mature. Professional, but not stuffy. Welcoming, but not too friendly. Smiley, but not too happy. Invested, but not burned out. So….. really I should just photoshop in a picture of a unicorn’s headshot. The reality is ALLLL of this is impossible to capture in one photo….but you know what? We are going to try our best!

It won’t be painful. It will be fun, like a silly well dressed play-date. We will laugh, bond, and take great pics. It will be like when you go to the dentist and you know its gonna suck, but they talk at you the whole time and expect you to answer, which make no sense cause their hands are in your mouth and then just like that, you are done! So….. I will “pose” you and then talk at you and expect you to answer even though my camera is in your smile, and we will giggle, and you will be happy, and you will be beautifully captured and then you will be done! Just like that! Fun! Promise!

What pictures will you need in the future? Whether it’s for LinkedIn, Facebook, your blog, the book you are going to write, the conference you are going to speak at, your e-harmony page, a holiday card or party invitation? Lots and lots of pics. Think of what kind of pictures you might need in the future. Bring clothes that support a variety of different types of picture styles and needs AND SEASONS so that we can DELIVER MORE THAN YOU EVEN THOUGHT POSSIBLE through this shoot.


 Need to be fitted. Oversized shirts can pucker, wrinkle, flop, puff, gather, etc. All non-flattering shirt attributes.

Shirts should be newish because collars on shirts need to have structural integrity. Meaning, we do not want them to bow, bend, flop, or protrude. A lovely stiff collar that lays nicely is ideal (for men).

Color of shirt. White is ok, a color that looks good on you is better? If white is your go-to color, rock that. If you can swing a color (not red, grey or black, please) then embrace the color. Shades of blues, pinks, violets, greens, are lovely in photos and make your skin tones look more human. The camera is not a fan of stripes on shirts, so please stay away from those.

Shirt varieties that women might wear- All the same stuff as in the above shirt section with some exceptions for a softer collar. Plus….Things to avoid: turtlenecks, necks that tie somehow, scarfs, low neckline. Solid flattering colors are ideal.

Ties – The psychology of tie color is not something I claim to have true expertise in. My food for thought around ties are this…try to keep it timeless, classic, and simple-ish. Avoid wild abstract patterns or anything that will date itself. Also, avoid ties with pictures on them that will be confusing or distracting to the eye in a photo. DO find some sense of self in the tie. Wear a tie you like that speaks to you. Stripes and reasonable patterns are totally ok on ties for pictures.

Make-up- Photos tend to wash you out. Considering wearing a little more make-up than you normally do. Perhaps a lipstick shade that is a snitch darker than you wear everyday and a little blush. OR BETTER YET let me bring in my make-up artist!

Friends, I will take good care of you. If you don’t know what to wear….bring CHOICES (like 10 of them) and I will coach you on what looks best. Seriously, don’t worry. You are going to LOVE your pictures. Promise.

Also, I will “enhance” the pictures a bit. That means I will make you look rested. I have a filter for that 🙂 If you happen to get adult acne, have an insane shaving disaster, or are attacked with a permanent marker the night before pictures, I will TOTALLY photo patch you up. Anyone who asks me to photo-shop more hair on their head, will automatically get a gold tooth in all their pictures 🙂

Can’t wait to see you!

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