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Time For Senior Photos!

Senior Pictures – An amazing experience and at a great price! {Hopefully you know a family looking for a photographer for a senior photo session.. Please share my name now or in the future! Also, I am patricianly passionate about photo loving on seniors with special needs. If you happen to know a family with […]

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Love. It’s not perfect, you know.

In my photography I am often blessed to be part of peoples amazing life celebrations. Sometimes those experiences produce pictures that are especially valued when loved ones leave this earth. Recently I have been extra aware of the veil between love and grief and life and death. Here are some thoughts about it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s not […]

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California Sessions

OHHHH my goodness! I am so excited this is happening!! Photo sessions in my old stomping grounds! Yippeeeee!! No more teaching means I can be more mobile and….to be honest it is freezing cold in Minne-snow-da so bring on the So-Cal sun. I am so sorry for the schedule change. I am thrilled to be […]

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I made happiness myself

My turning away from depression. This has nothing to do with photography and EVERYTHING to do with my LOVE of you. My undergrad years were the darkest of days for me; depression nearly consumed me.  I turned inward and withered away, reinforcing this loneliness by isolating myself. I stopped eating in hopes of disappearing. My […]

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Unquenchable Desire

My interest in photography was born totally and completely out of a unquenchable desire to show people their beauty. I was 20 when I was gifted my first film camera and immediately discovered its ability to capture people’s light. After all… that is all photography is, a wrangling of light. And so photographers make pictures […]

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