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Headshots with Autumn Lee

Let’s take some headshots

Let’s take some headshots!! — There is a lovely balance in head shots where we want you to look like your best professional, welcoming, relevant,profoundly intelligent, wildly socially connected, while not trying too hard, self. We want you to look mature, but not too mature. Professional, but not stuffy. Welcoming, but not too friendly. Smiley, but […]

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California Sessions

OHHHH my goodness! I am so excited this is happening!! Photo sessions in my old stomping grounds! Yippeeeee!! No more teaching means I can be more mobile and….to be honest it is freezing cold in Minne-snow-da so bring on the So-Cal sun. I am so sorry for the schedule change. I am thrilled to be […]

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New Site!!

My face hurts from SMILING! It’s here! It’s really, really, really here! The new beautifully sparkly site! I pulsated all day in excitement. Thankfully there were no aura readers around because they would have gone blind with the light show I was exuding. And after hours of combing through the site, I have rested my […]

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