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There are celebrations for celebration sake and then there are love explosions that are supported by prayer, amazing friends, family, music and food. It’s that kind of day that my eyes are huge with picture potential and my foot taps uncontrollably because the tune to the special day is contagious and full of melody that […]

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Angie + Roman

Love looks a lot like bliss and forever and shiny joy and this day was full of all the wonderful I can hope for two amazing people. It was hard to tell where her light began and his ended. This is what forever love and authentic connections looks like.

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New Site!!

My face hurts from SMILING! It’s here! It’s really, really, really here! The new beautifully sparkly site! I pulsated all day in excitement. Thankfully there were no aura readers around because they would have gone blind with the light show I was exuding. And after hours of combing through the site, I have rested my […]

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