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hi, I'm Autumn

I am an international photographer whose perpetually unmade bed is in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is currently filled with a husband {who I am pretty sure is a superhero}, my two amazingly loving {and loud} children, and a very {very} fat cat.

my wish is to be your family's photographer for life.

From your wedding day to your growing family, and every celebration in between, nothing makes me happier than being invited to take your pictures.

For me photography is always, always about

♥ sharing the love ♥

every day, with everyone, everywhere.

Koomen Family

A typical Lee-Koomen family photoshoot: Ellery, Hann, Joshua and Autumn

Photography is purely about finding the light within you and your loved ones, and using the camera to capture that brightness.

The words that best describe me are spontaneous, open-minded, emotionally connected, and creatively in tune.

I adore people who randomly jump into conversations by commenting, those who start singing when a line in a conversation inspires them, movie quoters, loud unruly laughers, people that can lift one eyebrow, and those who write reminder notes on their hands. Or maybe these people just remind me of me and my crazy family—because actually, I adore everyone. I'm addicted to capturing the natural light that exists within all people. I'm tuned in to the inner soul of a person, rather than the external packaging, and you'll see that reflected in your final photos.

my photography style is organic, light and full of celebration.

Your photoshoot with me will be relaxing, joyful and memorable.  My heart's desire is that you will recall it as one of your most surprising, fun and empowering experiences of life.

Sheilahi, this is Sheila

Every creative person needs someone organized and upbeat to keep her head on straight.  For me, Sheila is that person.

Sheila is my turbo wing-woman.

Sheila naturally organizes, sorts, schedules and plans. She remembers the important little details about each and every one of my clients and families.  She manages all things office, scheduling, and financial. She is reliable, trustworthy and thoughtful.

With Sheila at the helm, you can feel confident that your shoot will go smoothly. Or at the very least—when it doesn't—we can roll around laughing together about how awesome chaos is and how blessed we are to share this adventure of life.

Sheila and AutumnSheila capably takes care of a busy household of people and creatures {husband, two boys and a girl, a puppy, a tortoise and two lizards} and she is the quintessential classroom parent volunteer. She has plenty to give thankfully, and will take great care of you and me!

she loves people and her bright smile fills up a space

while ensuring that we all feel safe, happy and loved.