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Swooooooon!!! Babies!!! I learned when I was teaching that you are not suppose to have “favorites”. Ummmmm, wellllll, I do! Engagement sessions and newborn sessions are my absolute favorite sessions!! And the reason is purely selfish…cause we get to start to play. Engagement sessions are often the start of our journey together. We meet, you are nervous, I am sloppy excited because I know all the joy that is about to unfold in your life and we dive together in creating picture memories that will last your whole life….and somehow I am blessed enough to capture the beginning of your family foundation. And if you choose to round up some babies…you call me and my womb flutters in solidarity and I come over and love on you and we take magical pictures of you and all your people!!
Here is a little information of what that might look like. You have some choices…you can come to
me on a mini-session day. It is quicker, slightly unpredictable based on the mood of the baby, and a snitch more stressful, however it is PERFECT for getting some quick pics wrangling the moment into about 30 solid adorable images. It is also perfect for “stages” pictures at 6,9 and 12 months {Don’t forget “Cake Smash” pictures when you angel turns one}.12489194_10153232379305969_5767254564230555927_o_Fotor_Collagehjhj
You also have the choice to schedule a full newborn session. This can be done at my studio. If it is an option to do it at your dwelling ( I need natural light- think about what time of the day has the most natural light in your house), I recommend that for a laundry list of reasons that involve you and your baby being stress-free and happy. The temperature, the smells, the sounds, are all familiar to the baby and this makes us all breathe a huge sigh of photo-joy. Also, you don’t have to pack-up camp. Let me doing the heavy lifting… I will come with blankets, backdrops, posing pillows and such. Please feel totally expressed in gathering your own items. And for pete’s sake…don’t clean your house just for me to come over. Sister, no judgment from me. I will move stuff, shoot around laundry piles, and maybe even load your dishwasher. You know I will be TOTALLY impressed if you got a shower in and you sorta combed your hair. And I promise I will make you look like you have actually been sleeping, which of course, you haven’t and I will completely capture you in the most flattering ways! I got you, friend.
My infant photography style is based on natural light and posing. I am not huge fan of sticking your newborn in a cowboy boot or making her look like she is hanging from a tree. I do love snuggle pics with organic fabric wraps, hats, bows, flowers and other things that feel like love. Sibling pics, family pics, and lifestyle pictures will all be part of this experience normally resulting on over 100 finished digital images for you to use however you like.
I recommend gathering…
Blankets you love – solids are better and texture is awesome.
Baskets, wood boxes, or items in your house you might want in pictures.
Baby’s items that hold meaning – booties, hats, and all those baby ensemble treasures you have found on Etsy.
For you and your partner and your other littles- Wear solids. Normally I never like white or black clothing for shoots, but for these shoots these colors are essential because you may end up being the backdrop while holding baby.
Also, consider turing up the heat a bit that day so naked baby stays happy.
In addition, you are WELCOME to invite other family members. But do remember that sometimes this makes things more chaotic. So think carefully about this choice. If they are the calm and helpful variety of human, invite them for the whole shoot. If they are high maintenance, maybe just the last half hour…. and if they make you crazy, let’s wait until the six month session.
I hope this helps! See you soon!


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